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The It’s a Southern Life Y’all blog is a place for tips to simplify your life, creativity, and sweet southern inspiration. Although I am a newbie to blogging, I am not a newbie to writing or creativity. I started It’s a Southern Life Y’all in April of 2018 in hopes of living out a dream I have had for quite some time. After many, many years of working in a corporate setting, I am ready to get back to my roots and live a simpler life…I know I’m not the only one seeking that. I hope you leave here feeling energized with a new spin on how to tackle a task, a new idea, or with new confidence to take a leap in life.

Hi Y'all! I'm Jada!

Louisiana swamp scene with house boats and beautiful sky.Born and raised in a very small town in the deep south of Louisiana – below the Y’all in the It’s a Southern Life Y’all logo – where our bayous flow along with our sweet tea. I am a lover of front porch conversations, crawfish boils, families singing under the oaks, and Louisiana Saturday Nights. I grew up having 3 o’clock coffee with my grandma and her best friend and playing in my grandpa’s shrimp boat (the Miss Jada) with the neighbors – until the street lights came on. I love organization and crafts and am ABSOLUTELY that girl that will stop and pick up your discarded wooden furniture on the side of the road. Chalk painting is my friend and I can take your granny’s silverware and make you a cherished piece of jewelry…along with anything else that jumps into my mind to make a piece of jewelry.

Bracelet made from old leather belt and spoon.
Handmade silver and copper rings.
Handstamped antique spoon bracelets.
Necklace made from antique spoons.

So here I am, just a southern, small-town girl with dreams and creativity…a mind that never sleeps…a lover of walking barefoot in the green grass. I will always think the bayous are a beautiful view and never stop addressing people by ma’am and sir. A dreamer of ‘Mayberry’ and simplicity. 

Louisiana Bridges on the Atchafalaya River at dusk with shrimp boat

Just a girl looking for a way to live her dream!

Jada and child blowing out a candle at a wedding.

I would love to hear from you. Please send me your requests or comments.

xoxo Jada

Louisiana photography provided courtesy of Elisabeth Price Portero.