5 Easy Ways to Save Money Now!

I’m sure you’ve heard the terms frugal and simple living tossed around in casual conversations and all over the internet lately. It seems that many are seeking ways to save money and live a simpler life all around. I am definitely in this crowd so I decided to write about my 5 easy ways to save money now!

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Living within your means is not as difficult as some people make it out to be. It does take some discipline and tightening of the proverbial belt, but it can be worth the effort.

Living within your means, at the very least, will enable you to sleep at night knowing you aren’t burdened with a heavy debt load and able to make ends meet.

But living BELOW our means is when the magic truly happens. This sweet spot is where we are able to save money and get steps closer to financial freedom or at least make our goal purchases.

In today’s economy, many people have a full-time job along with a side hustle just to pay the bills.

So how do you find ways to save money?

You can start by creating and learning how to stick to a budget. If you don’t have a budget in place read my post, How to Start a Budget When You Just Don’t Know Where to Start. This simple budgeting technique can really help you get your spending on track. It’s simple to do once you have a grasp on your money and know what is coming in as well as going out.

Here are your easy ways to save money now!

Stop Eating Out!

Who doesn’t love going out for an evening and letting someone else prepare the meal? I know I looked forward to this weekly treat…Yes! I said weekly! But save this for special occasions and feel your wallet grow!

If you really think about it, one meal at a restaurant for a family of four could very well feed that same family for a week with the proper meal planning!

Meal planning has never been easier since I started using MyFreezEasy! In less than two minutes, you can create your meal plan for the week and walk into the grocery store with your shopping list right on your phone! It’s so quick and easy, you’ll never have to think “what’s for dinner” again!

Skip the Expensive Coffee!

Brewing at home will save you some serious cash. A $5 daily coffee treat adds up to a $960 yearly expense!

Skip the treat and invest in a great coffee maker such as this Keurig Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker and some great coffee…I always suggest Community Coffee (it’s a Louisiana thing you should really try). A great Contigo Travel Mug makes this at homebrew just as portable as one from your favorite coffee spot!

Pay With Cash!

It’s so easy to swipe a card! Before you know it all of those tine purchases start to add up.

Letting go of cash is much harder. Trust me on this!

If you start carrying cash, you will find you track your spending a little more. And you know when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Forgo the Theater and Watch it at Home!

I LOVE watching movies, but my pocketbook doesn’t feel the same! When you add up the tickets and concessions along with a meal…Well, let’s just say that movie date night quickly turns into a large chunk of change spent!

Snuggling on the sofa in my PJs with a homemade treat once the movie is on a streaming service using my Fire TV Stick is not only more comfortable but a much wiser decision for my budget!

Cut the Cable!

Yes! I cut the cable! Let’s face it, like you, I am busy! I started to notice that I never sat and watched live TV. I recorded EVERYTHING that I truly enjoy watching.

When I thought about it, it just made sense (and cents) to let go of my cable and utilize a streaming subscription such as Hulu or Netflix.

With these services, I am still able to watch the shows I love on my time!

I have tons of other money savers, but these are some of my more significant cuts in my quest for easy ways to save money now! What are some of the ways you have embraced to save money? I would love to hear from you!

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Save money by following these simple tips and tricks to make cuts in your budget. Budgeting isn't difficult when you have a place to start. Cutting these simple things from your spending habits makes saving money a breeze.

Money saving tips to help you meet your frugal living goals. Find ways to cut your costs and keep your spending low.


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