How to Create a Morning Routine and Stick To It!

Getting a great start to your day is essential to being productive. But how do YOU have a great start to your day when you are barely functioning and running around? Read further to learn how to create a morning routine and stick to it by following these easy steps.

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If you look online (hmmmmmm…Pinterest), you see all of these posts and pins about successful people and their awesome morning routines. And you probably think, that could be you if only you had a morning routine or just didn’t have to run around in the morning hoping to make it out of the door on time. But how do you start a morning routine when you barely have time to think? Sometimes it’s hard to do something that is actually easy, especially when you are busy. But learning how to create a morning routine and stick to it is easy…really easy…when you take it step-by-step!

YES! I am NOW a morning person! I prefer to start my day quietly to give me a little reflective “me” time. But if others are awake, I CAN hold a conversation (if I must) before my first sip of Community Coffee. I know, you probably haven’t heard of Community Coffee because it’s a Louisiana thing. Let me tell you when it comes to a great cup of coffee you should definitely give it a try. CLICK HERE and follow the link if you are intrigued and want to try!

When I was younger…Jeez! I throw that statement around a lot lately. When I was younger…I’m really NOT that old (at least I don’t feel old)!…but back to my thought. When I was younger, I struggled to wake up and function. I didn’t have the proper balance in my life. I was definitely burning the candle at both ends! Can I see a show of hands on relatability here?

I didn’t have a morning routine. I hit snooze three maybe four times, then grudgingly dragged myself from bed and stumble to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of ambition (in my best Dolly Parton impersonation). I may or may not (leaning more to the latter) have made my bed and dressed while watching some depressing morning news program. During that time, I also checked my email and chatted here and there with friends and on Social Media.

This stellar routine usually left me running out of the door with my fingers crossed hoping I would make it to work on time. Does this sound familiar?

But, from age comes wisdom, we hope. In my case it did…at least when it comes to mornings and routines I should say! I learned to have a better balance, which in turn helped me to cultivate being a morning person.

Why should you create a morning routine?

You’re probably wondering how do you incorporate and why would you want a morning routine. Well, the answer is very simple. My friends and family will tell you that I often say “kids crave structure and routine” (former teacher talking), but let’s face it…so do ADULTS! I’m not saying to have a mundane life that repeats daily, but I am saying we perform at our best when we have structure. Starting your day off with a routine is a great way to get the structure we need in our chaotic lives. I know we can’t plan out our entire day thinking everything is going to fall into place perfectly (unobtainable goals!), but we can get a nice start with a clear mind.

Let’s learn how to create a morning routine and stick to it…a routine that works for YOU!

Are you familiar with time blocking? If not read Time Blocking: How to be HIGHLY Productive Every Single Day! where I discuss time blocking and have a free printable to help you get started? Time blocking has saved my sanity and helped me to become much more productive and focused. It’s a great read and takes you through the steps of planning your entire day. CLICK HERE and give it a read…I promise you won’t regret it!

In planning a morning routine, we are going to use a few ideas from time blocking to help get us started. Basically, we are going to block your morning…before your normal schedule starts. Before long, you won’t need to plan your morning routine, it will just become a natural part of your day.

Grab a cup of coffee and your favorite notebook or planner (you can find my favorite planner HERE) and let’s get started on how to create a morning routine!

Step 1-What you do every day

Start writing what needs to be done every morning; shower, breakfast, kids, pets, etc.. I know we all have different needs so just list everything you normally handle and a general time needed to complete each task.

Now sit back and really look at your list. Do you see any areas that can be streamlined or that can be handled at a different time? I live in South Louisiana, where our air is so humid at times it makes you feel like you are breathing in water. I also have extremely curly hair. These two constants in my life do not mix and do not make for an easy hair routine…that is unless I want a frizzy messy bun daily! Taming my locks takes more time than I care to admit…So you know, THIS GIRL, handles all of that at night!

Step 2-What you would like to do

Next, write down everything you would like to accomplish or implement in your morning and estimated times. For example, I love a little time to myself. I have always been this way. I make it a priority to wake 20 minutes before anyone else so I can sit with a nice cup of coffee and reflect or just stare at the beauty of the sunrise. Maybe you like to workout in the morning, prep your meal for the evening or even would like to read for 10 minutes.

Step 3-Organize it

Now that you know how you would like your morning to flow, organize it!

Organizing your morning is super simple to do by working backward. If your schedule requires you to be at work at 8:00 am, start there. Next, add your drive time and then continue from there.

Don’t forget to prepare for LIFE to happen, because we all know this is inevitable.

As with time blocking, you must be flexible! Don’t hold yourself accountable for every minute of the morning. Leave some wiggle room.

As you start implementing your new morning routine, you will naturally fine-tune it and find ways to make your morning even easier. I personally prep in the evening by picking out my outfit and meal prep on Sunday for breakfast. These simple adjustments have shaved so many minutes off of my morning routine and have helped me to enjoy a little more of the morning without sacrificing sleep time.

I would love to hear from you and find out about your morning routines! Comment below and let’s chat.

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How to create a morning routine and stick to it using these productivity steps. Time management tips to kickstart your daily routine and a mini-challenge to give even more information.


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