How to Organize Your Week

Planning my week is always a priority. In fact, you could actually say that I’m a little obsessed. To me, planning is just a crucial step you need to take when you want to organize your week. 

If you follow my blog, you already know that I’m a firm believer of the time blocking method when it comes to planning your week. I find assigning blocks of time to accomplish my goals not only keeps me on track, but also saves me time in the long run. Here I’m going to share the exact steps I take when planning my week. 

How to organize your week and become more productive by using this simple time blocking method. Includes free printable planner and weekly schedule to help you have better time management.

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30 Minutes is All it Takes

Trust me, I am just as busy as you and sometimes 30 minutes seems too much to spare for anything. But when it is something important you find the time no matter how stretched thin you are. Let’s make organizing your week an important task. 

Make this a priority.

Grab your copy of my free printable planner and weekly schedule by hitting the button below and work on organizing your week TODAY!

When you set aside those 30 minutes and properly plan, you will have a week that is much more manageable and will even find more free time than you expected…or better yet, than you have had.

But time blocking takes a little effort. It’s not just sitting down and listing out what you have to do and throwing it into spaces in your planner. 

To properly time block for an organized week, you must put some thought into your planning for it to all come together. But that is why I’m here. This is my thing and I’m ready to share my steps. 

How to Organize Your Week

The first step is to make a to-do list and prioritize it!

There always seems to be a debate on daily planning or weekly planning. I prefer to plan my entire week so I have a better view of where I am going. Now to do this means I must still remain flexible with my schedule because we all know that life likes to throw a monkey wrench into our plans from time to time just to shake things up. But this can happen when you plan daily as well. 

So on Sunday evening, I sit down with my planner printable and list everything I want to accomplish during the week. Many times this planning session is a complete brain dump full of ideas I cannot possibly complete in one week. But the beauty of using my planner is that I am able to keep those ideas and refer back to them and use them on a later date.

After making my list, I then sit and prioritize it by deadlines, goal dates, what fits in my schedule at that time, and what I feel I need to sit on for a while. 

I also make sure to jot down any contacts I need to make during the week.

At this point, I’m ready to look at my weekly schedule.

To properly block my time, I take prioritizing one step further. When planning my week, I look at my schedule categories. Yes, I have categories and so do you. We all have what I call life (you might call it kids schedule or home schedule, but you know what I mean) and we have work.

Now it’s time to take out my phone and my weekly schedule to plug in all of my life appointments (doctor’s appointments, soccer games, birthdays, etc.). After I have all of my life priorities entered on my weekly schedule, I then start planning the best times to handle my work priorities.

Top Goals for the Week

What are your top goals for the week? This is where I start. I take a look at my priorities and make sure I give these my most productive time spots in my weekly schedule. I’m more productive in the morning, so I load myself up then.

A simple yet effective way to organize your time for better time management and productive. Time blocking with this schedule and printable planner is easy when following my steps.

Pay Attention to the Details

Make time for everything!

I even schedule time daily to tend to emails. Knowing I have time set aside to handle the little tasks helps me to avoid wasting time or becoming distracted. Knowing I have a scheduled block of time for every task allows me to concentrate fully on what I am working on at the moment.

The more detailed you are the easier time blocking becomes. But it will take a little practice and adjustment to get it perfect.

So that’s it! That’s my super secret weapon at staying focused and productive daily. Be sure to grab my free printable and get started planning your week.

What do you use to keep yourself on track? I would love to hear from you!

Schedule and organize your week for better time management and productivity by using time blocking. Here are my steps that I use to plan my week along with my schedule and printable planner.

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