Life Lessons I Want My Daughters to Know

Being a mom is tough (I know all of the moms will agree on that), but it is the BEST job I’ve ever had! Although my kiddos have flown from the nest, I still have so many life lessons I want my daughters to know. Since sharing is caring, I thought I would share my thoughts with you too!

Life lessons I want my daughters to know. Advice from your mom.

My greatest wish has always been for my daughters to find true happiness and I hope I have given them some of the tools to help them with this journey.

In life, we aren’t always dealt the perfect hand and it’s really tough some of the time. My road has definitely been bumpy, but through it all, I have always had an incredible bond with my girls.

Who knows if I have always given the right answers at the right times. I’m sure I have failed plenty. But I have always done my best to be there through the bumps, bruises, celebrations, and heartbreaks. Because isn’t being there for your children what it is all about?

I’m not pretending to know all of the answers, but I do have plenty of bits of knowledge, words of wisdom, and life lessons that I have collected and want my daughters to know. Hopefully, I have shared all of these nuggets…if not, take notes Aerial and McKenna. 🙂

Now if you are wondering why I target just girls here…well, it’s all I know!

So here we go…Life Lessons I Want My Daughters to know!

1. In a world full of famous (or should I say popular) women with a name starting with “K,” choose to be like and idolize Kate…you know the Duchess of Cambridge. Style, grace, and manners will take you far in life.

2. Know the difference between a strong eyebrow and a clown eyebrow. I shouldn’t have to say to choose wisely…but maybe I do. Always pick strong, never clown! This goes for all makeup trends. Trust me, I lived in the 80s and our decisions weren’t always the best. You will thank me for this one in 20 years when you look back at your pictures!

3. Always enter the room with a smile. It eases the mood and gets things started on the right foot.

4. Dress for the job you want not the job you are applying or interviewing for. That first impression thing will go a long way.

5. A $30 watch gives you the same time as a $3000 watch. Expensive stuff doesn’t bring happiness. But spending the money you don’t have and keeping up with the Joneses will cause unneeded stress in your life. People that judge you by what you have really don’t matter in life. Correction! I should say…People that judge you PERIOD really don’t matter in life.

6. On that same thought…Your car note should never be more than your house note or living expenses (unless your house is paid off). Live within or below your means.

7. Know the importance of making an actual phone call to a friend. You are never too busy for the people you love and hearing a voice is so much more personal than typed words. You just never know what a simple call can do.

8. Make mistakes and change your mind. These are so important in your own personal growth.

9. Make your bed every day. I read somewhere that this will give you a sense of accomplishment to start your day and that can’t hurt.

10. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. But if someone says you can’t because you are a woman, prove them wrong and do it like the #girlboss I raised you to be.

Mommy and Kenna-It's a Southern Life Y'all
Me (Jada) and my youngest, McKenna…many moons ago!

11. If you aren’t happy with your situation, change it! You are never too old to reinvent yourself, start over, or blaze a new path.

12. You are not defined by your past or what you are going through. Use it, learn from it, and grow!

13. This one is tough, but learn to say NO! I know, I know…we are from the south and are taught to be sweet, accommodating southern women. But we are also taught to be strong and independent. Know your limits. Be kind but not at the expense of yourself.

14. Just because you were BFFs for years doesn’t mean you have to remain that way. People grow and change. Not all people are meant to be in your life forever. Don’t hang on if you have grown apart.

15. Mean girls do exist…even at my age! Use your instincts and choose your friends wisely. Some girls can truly be pretty cruel and nasty. (Society even celebrates these traits and I will never understand why.) They will lie to you just to hurt you. And yes, they will hurt you. Learn a lesson and never be like them. In fact, be the exact opposite and always have a kind and loving heart.

16. Find your tribe whether it is large or small, even if your tribe is only you and one other. It’s not about the number of close friends, it’s about the quality. Your tribe will be there for you beyond the boys and through all of life’s ups and downs. They will always know exactly what you need and will be the ones to show up with cheap wine when you are crying on the floor. I don’t always see “my tribe” because we are in different places, but when I do it’s as if we were never apart. This is special and something to hold on to.

Jami and McKenna BFFs
My daughter, McKenna, and her best friend, Jami.

17. Tell other women they are beautiful. We are all truly amazing. Our bodies are capable of creating tiny humans and our hearts hold more love than you can imagine. The world isn’t always kind to us, so we need to be reminded just how special we are at times.

18. Always help those in need. You never know when life will throw you a curve ball and you might be on the side of needing help. Putting good vibes out into the universe will never hurt you. But when you do, ask for nothing in return and don’t seek praise. True kindness never needs recognition or reciprocation.

19. If your gut tells you to leave, do so! Trust your instinct.

20. If you are ever in a bad situation, fight like hell to get out. Remember, you are stronger both mentally and physically than you think you are. Never ever give up on yourself!

21. Don’t lose your voice! You have an opinion and are intelligent. Don’t let anyone take that from you.

22. Don’t compare yourself to others! Let’s face it, there will always be someone “better” than you in some aspect of life. We all have our strengths. Don’t be jealous…celebrate each other. Find your own strength and excel there!

23. People will let you down and that really sucks! It’s what you do in those situations that shape you. You have the choice to succumb to their level or rise up and flourish. Rise up ALWAYS!

24. Your worth is not to be measured by your physical appearance. Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior because you don’t fit their mold.

25. No one can ever take away your intelligence! Being smart is not only cool, it is beautiful. Keep learning because knowledge is a great weapon.

26. Never settle…know your worth. To me, you are worth more than all of the wealth in the world. Remember that!

27. Work hard, but don’t work to live! Yes, we all need money to survive, but don’t let that quest stop you from living. Take the trip! Enjoy the day!

28. Don’t stop dreaming. Wish on stars and eyelashes…blow on a dandelion puff. Keep your dreams alive and strive to make them come true.

Aerial and McKenna young
Aerial and McKenna from 1996.

29. Remember your manners. People will always remember what you say and do and how you make them feel.

30. Always carry a clean pair of panties and a toothbrush in your purse. So many reasons why and none of which need explaining.

31. Always keep a pair of comfortable shoes in your car. Why is it that killer heels always hurt?

32. It’s ok to cry. It’s also ok to be pissed beyond measure. Neither is a sign of weakness.

33. Find your passion and let it work for you. You will never feel like you are working if you love what you do.

34. Don’t be that person that is a selfie queen! If you are stating it is a beautiful day…show the damn day, not your face. When you look back you will appreciate the pictures of the breathtaking moments more than the selfies.

35. Never apologize if you aren’t in the wrong, but always apologize if you are.

36. No matter where you are, what you are doing, or the amount of time that has passed; you can always come home.

37. Forgive even when the person doesn’t deserve it. It is just good for your soul.

38. Never forget that you come from strong roots!

Thirty-eight…what an odd number for a list. I first intended this list to stop at 20, but I had so much more to say. So now I think I will keep it open-ended and add whenever a thought comes to mind.

Do you have anything you would like me to add? I would love to hear from you. Drop a comment below and if I like it, you might see it added to the list!

If you want to know more about me and my southern, small-town life…CLICK HERE!

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