How to Host a Cookie Exchange

I just love Christmas! Holiday cheer, Hallmark movies, parties, and COOKIES…COOKIES…COOKIES! And I can’t think of a better way to get together during this season with your girlfriends, than to HOST A COOKIE EXCHANGE party!

Host a cookie exchange that your girlfriends will LOVE! Friends, Christmas, Cookies...Can't get much better than that!

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Hosting a Christmas cookie exchange party is a perfect way to get together with a group of your girlfriends. It’s such a festive way to kick off your Christmas merriment. When hosting a cookie exchange or a cookie swap party you will get to sample many delicious cookies — and you won’t have to do ALL of the baking yourself!

Here you will find some tips for throwing your own holiday cookie exchange party. After hosting one, this could very well become one of your favorite Christmas traditions.

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What is a cookie exchange party?

Well, it’s pretty much just what it sounds like. It’s a gathering (or a party) where you eat and swap cookies. Think potluck but with cookies! But the best part (yes, it gets even better), you get to take cookies home with you! How can you beat that?

How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party that your Friends will LOVE!

We are all busy, especially during the holidays! Because of this, I want to take all of the guesswork out of planning and hosting a Cookie Exchange.

Pick a date and get to work on a guest list.

How many people do you want to invite? A cookie exchange is the perfect “get together” party for small numbers. So think of about 6-10 of your closest friends…you know the ones you never skip a beat with–YOUR TRIBE…and let’s start planning!

Set a date and send invitations a few weeks in advance. This is a busy season so you want to be sure your tribe can make it! You also want to give everyone enough time to come up with their best cookie creation.

How many cookies should each person bring? Well,  you want to make sure everyone leaves with a nice amount of cookies, but you don’t want to cause stress by putting too much on their plate. I feel 1/2 – 1 dozen of cookies per guest is a good amount to sample and share…this means if you have 8 guests attending each person will bring either 4 dozen or 8 dozen, whichever amount you decide is best.

Make sure everyone knows to RSVP and inform you of the type of cookie they plan to make. If you have duplicate cookies, ask the second person if they wouldn’t mind bringing a different type.

Do you want to ask everyone to make something from scratch? You could make rules if you want homemade or only Christmas-y cookies, but remember that everyone is busy.  Being a little laid-back and foregoing rules and requirements will make it easier for non-bakers and busy friends to still feel like they can participate. Remember this is actually about the get-together and merriment…the cookies are a BONUS!

Dress code? Christmas attire? Don’t leave your guests confused and wondering! A cookie exchange can be as detailed or relaxed as you want. This could be the perfect time for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Night or Flannel Christmas PJs!

Decorating & Hosting

Again, this can be a detailed or relaxed as you want. If you are like me, your home will be full of beautiful Christmas decorations already. Just add a few extra touches like this sweet little Santa’s Village Cookie Jar to your cookie station if you want to bring in the cookie theme.

Make sure you have plenty of drink options available. Great options are:

Cold Milk
Hot Chocolate

Maybe you want to serve wine or cocktails. It just depends on your group!

Make sure you clear ample room for the cookies and use serving trays and displays of different heights, Cookie labels are always a great addition to the table, along with the recipe cards.  And make sure you have plenty of cups, plates, and napkins on hand!

Don’t forget to amp up the festive atmosphere with some holiday tunes. Try Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial to set up the perfect playlist.

How to make the swap

You can do this a few ways. One is to ask everyone to bring their own container to grab their favorite cookies before they leave.

But I prefer to have a cookie packaging station with boxes like these for everyone fill. This way you know no one will leave empty-handed. I also like to include a little party favor on my packaging station for everyone like these adorable Christmas Cookie Cutters. Pair this with a nice thank you will definitely put a smile on the faces of your guests.

I  hope this becomes a Christmas tradition with you and your friends! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever hosted a cookie exchange and what your tips are!

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